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We understand the complex world of receivables, enforcement and insolvency proceedings. We successfully enforce our client’s receivables with emphasis on speed and effectiveness.

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Why should you choose us?

In the beginning we will tell you what are your chances to success and how much time and money is it going to cost you. Usually, we draft the notice to performance within two days from delivery of the supporting documents. We will observe whether the debtor fulfils his obligations within the deadlines and if he doesn’t, we will draft the action if needed. If you decide to conclude an agreement on acknowledgment of the debt and repayment schedule with the debtor, we will ensure the notary services needed for notarial deeds with permission for direct enforceability. We do not enjoy writing long complaints, but we write them in a way that allows the court to find out everything in a brief and clear way. We will help you choose a court bailiff and watch whether he complies with the regulations. We will be happy to help you with the preparation of motion for insolvency or application for insolvency and we will communicate with insolvency administrator on your behalf.

What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Preparation of notice to performance

Do you have an overdue receivable? We will draft a notice to debtor and quantify the amount of debt including accessory.

Management of receivables

We will look after the state of enforcement, debtor and time of performance, state of proceedings and even the amount of debt.

Representation at court

We will draft a motion to issue a payment order, we will defend you against wrongful court decision by appealing and using extraordinary appeals.

Representation at arbitration court

Is there an arbitration clause in your contract? We will assist you in arbitration proceedings.

Representation in execution proceedings

We will draft a motion for execution and look after the bailiff’s compliance with legislation.

Representation in insolvency proceedings

Whether you need to draft a motion for insolvency or application of receivable, it is not a problem for us.

Agreements on acknowledgement, repayment schedule, settlement

You can reach an agreement with the debtor and we can prepare the contract so that it protects you.

Drafting an agreement on assignment of debt

Are you interested in assigning your receivable? We will prepare a contract that will protect you.

Do you need legal services in the area of receivables?

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How it works

1 Assignment of demand
2 Drafting an agreement on providing legal services
3 Transmission of documents
4 Preparation of notice to performance
5 Filing a lawsuit and representation in court proceedings
6 Drafting the motion for execution

Assignment of demand

In case you contact us, we will schedule a personal consultation with you for free. During this consultation we will find out basic information about your case and together we will agree on the next steps in the subject matter. We always take notes from the meeting and hand them out to you after the meeting ends.


Drafting an agreement on providing legal services

In case there is no legal obstacle in representing you (e.g. conflict of interest), we will prepare an agreement on providing legal services which will set out a framework of cooperation. We will prepare an indicative work schedule and set a price for our services.


Transmission of documents

We will go through the documents we received from you on the introductory meeting and we will request additional documents that prove your claim and are necessary to exercise the claim. In this phase we will also analyse, whether the documents you have at your disposal are sufficient to assert your claim at court. In case the documents are inadequate, we will also warn you about the complications that might follow the assertion before court.


Preparation of notice to performance

Next step is writing a notice to performance, which represents the last step before asserting your right before court or other authority. This notice important particularly because in its absence the court will not grant you reimbursement of legal representation costs. Apart from the security, we will also specify the amount of accessories (especially the interest on late payment) in the notice. After this, we send the notice to performance to the debtor.


Filing a lawsuit and representation in court proceedings

In case the debtor does not pay the asserted claim or does not offer an alternative solution that is acceptable to you, with your consent we will proceed to filing a lawsuit. Filling a lawsuit is connected with the obligation to pay the court fee, although if you fulfil certain legal conditions, we will file a motion to exempt you from paying the court fee. Subsequently, we will represent you for the entire duration of the court proceeding.


Drafting the motion for execution

In case you present us an enforceable execution title (most often a court judgment) or the execution title is carried out in a proceeding in which we represented you in, we will prepare a motion for execution against the debtor and will guide you through the entire execution proceedings. Very often the debtors try to achieve suspension of the execution proceedings, even though the legal conditions are not met. In such cases we always express our opinion on the matter and we will do everything in order to terminate the execution proceedings by enforcing the payment of the amount due.

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