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Since the establishment of our office, we have helped our clients with real estate transfers worth more than 2.5 billion crowns. We will ensure that even your transaction runs smoothly.

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Why use our services in the area of real estate?

The transfer of real estate in our office does not consist only from drafting of a purchase contract. We will safely guide you through the entire process of preparing the transaction according to the specific aspect of your case, from depositing of the price in our custody, submitting a proposal for deposit and representation throughout the cadastral proceedings, to communication with the counterparty or financing bank. We do not need you to adapt to the usual procedure and pre-set content of the contract, let us prepare a tailor-made contract for you.

Precision and clarity are our priorities, so there will be no confusing passages full of references to paragraphs or copied legal provisions in the contracts drafted by us. We support and use modern technologies that help us create contracts more efficiently and minimize the risk of error. Dozens of contracts go through our office every month, so we can proudly say that we really understand real estate and that we are ready to help you in any situation.

What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Comprehensive legal services for real estate agencies

We know the ins and outs of the cooperation with real estate agencies. We care about precision and efficiency.

Buying / selling / donating real estate

We deal with purchase and donation contracts on a daily basis. We have experience and do not hesitate to use it to ensure a secure contract and a smooth transcription of ownership.

Revision of contracts

We will revise all types of real estate contracts you might need. We will ensure that the contracts you submit to us for review are safe and that the terms treat your rights fairly. We also know that the final form of the contract is about negotiating, so we are happy to negotiate the best terms for you so that you can concentrate on the essentials (for example, decide with your family on a suitable date for moving).

Building construction

We will provide all legal documents for your construction. We will represent you before local building authority in zoning and building permission proceedings.

Creation / termination of easement

Do you want to allow a neighbour to pass through your property, or do you donate a property in which you want to have housing guaranteed for as long as you want? It is not rocket science for us, we will gladly arrange for you to record or delete the easement from cadastre. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Cadastral and building permission proceedings

Do you know what is the best way of communication with the cadastral or local building authority? Leave it to us, we will represent you in the proceedings so that nothing prevents you from achieving your dreams about own housing.


Do you rent an apartment or commercial space? Are you a tenant and you are not sure if you should sign particular lease? We will prepare or revise a contract for you to protect your rights to the maximum extent possible.


We can provide everything from the preparation of the lien to the registration of the lien in the land register.

Settlement of co-ownership

We will propose an optimal solution for out-of-court agreement, or we will represent you in the settlement of co-ownership in court.

Do you need our help in the area of real estate?

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How it works

1 Demand assessment
2 Preparation of the contract
3 Signature
4 Cadastral proceedings
5 Payment of the purchase price

Demand assessment

Your case will be taken care of by one of our lawyers, who will gain the essential information about the transaction through our form (or other way you prefer). This information will serve for the perfect tailor-made sales contract.


Preparation of the contract

The contract will be prepared within three working days. However, do not hesitate to contact us, even if you need the contract sooner. We will do our best. For us, the number one priority is precision and the security of the contract, which is why each contract is always prepared and read by at least two lawyers.



If necessary, we will incorporate your or your counterparty's comments into the contract. After all adjustments are completed, we will agree on the date of signing the contract. We will be pleased to allow you to sign the contract in our law firm, during this meeting our lawyer will guide you through the entire deal, go through the contract with you, answer all your questions and verify the signatures on the individual counterparts.


Cadastral proceedings

After the buyer has deposited the agreed purchase price in the attorney's custody (in case of using our attorney's custody), we will issue a confirmation of the paid purchase price. Subsequently, we will prepare and file a proposal for entry into the cadastral office. During the entire cadastral proceedings, which last at least 21 days, we will represent you and in case of questions from the cadastral office we will take care of all communication. Leave it to us.


Payment of the purchase price

Transfer of the purchase price will be made on the account and under the conditions set out in the contract - typically after the transfer of ownership. In order to ensure the greatest possible security of business, we carry out a check of the seller in the insolvency register before the payment of the purchase price and we make an extract from the central register of distraints.

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