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The pharmaceutical industry is subject to extensive legislation, both at the European Union level and at the national level. Manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies have to follow the rapidly changing legislation almost daily. Our law firm cooperates with experts in this field, both practicing pharmacists and members of authorized bodies. This collaboration allows us to stay up-to-date and solve problems quickly. Thanks to legislation monitoring we will always inform you in time about the biggest changes that are being prepared.We are ready to provide you with legal services and advice in a number of areas of pharmaceutical law.At the beginning of your business we will help you to obtain the necessary permits, prepare contracts, train your employees and draw up in-house rules both in the field of pharmacy and personal data protection.After the succesful start of your business we will provide you with legal advice, represent you before authorities or assess compliance of your advertising of medicinal products with legal requirements.
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Our legal services include

Comprehensive legal services for pharmacies

The running of pharmacies does not include only clinical pharmacy. The entire operation is subject to approval, supervision and control by the State Institute for Drug Control. We will help you start your pharmacy business and take care of your employment and business contracts.

Monitoring of legislation and guidelines

We regularly monitor the latest legislation and guidelines from the State Institute for Drug Control, Czech Chamber of Pharmacists and the Ministry of Health. Thanks to that we can always provide you with up-to-date information.

Representation before the State Institute for Drug Control and ethics committees

Working in a pharmacy involves day-to-day contact with patients who cannot do without the correct and professional behaviour of the pharmacist. We will provide you with legal advice in case you err.

Training about Falsified Medicines Directive

The new detailed rules for the safety features aim to reduce the risk of existence of falsified medicines on the EU market. In order to comply with the regulation, it is necessary to train employees and adopt in-house rules for proper management of medicines.

Legal advice on advertising

Advertising of medicinal products is subject to strict regulation and control by the authorities. We can also help you in this area.

Legal advice on food supplements and medical cosmetics.

Food supplements and medical cosmetics are products related to medicinal products. Their production and sale cannot be done without the approval and control of the competent authorities.

Informed consent

The provision of health care is subject to patient‘s consent. Informed consent must meet the legal requirements. We will help you prepare the documents so that they are in compliance with the legal requirements.

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