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We have conducted more than 50 audits to verify that the personal data processing complies with the legislation.

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Why use our services in the area of data protection?

We provide comprehensive services regarding data privacy. We will be happy to prepare all the necessary documentation for you. We also offer a possibility of thorough audit of personal data processing for those who require comprehensive assistance. Apart from that, we offer lectures for you or your employees, or you can also use our e-learning. We also provide the service of legislative watch informing you about the new legislation in our monthly summary of the most important changes in data privacy legislation. Last but not least, we can also provide services of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Compliance audits

We will review your documentation and established processes and evaluate overall compliance with personal data protection legislation.

Periodic assessment of compliance

If you have already passed the compliance audit, or if you are not interested in it, we are ready to check your compliance with basic obligations on a regular basis.


We will answer your questions about personal data processing. We provide personal consultations as well as consultations realised through the use of means of distance communication.

Preparation of documentation

We will prepare the documentation (both customized documents and templates) which is required by law or which can help you in processing your personal data.


We will provide you with access to our e-learning course, or we will create a course tailored to your needs.

Legislative watch

Privacy and data protection is a dynamic area of law in which something interesting happens every day. We will be happy to inform you about all the news every month in our legislative watch.

DPO services

You can appoint us as your data protection officer (DPO), whose appointment is mandatory in many cases.

Data protection courses

We will train you or your employees in the field of personal data protection. We are ready to offer you both general training and specialised training focused on certain issue of your choice.

ePrivacy related services

We also deal with the upcoming e-Privacy Regulation. We will help you prepare for the changes that this regulation will bring.

Do you need legal services in the area of personal data protection?

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How it works

1 Audits
2 Preparation of documentation
3 Periodic GDPR compliance assessment
4 Training and e-learning
5 Legislative watch
6 Provision of DPO services


As a part of the audit, we will ask you for all the necessary documents and description of the relevant processes. Then, we will process this information internally and we will review the documents and processes in accordance with relevant legislation. The outcome of the audit will be GAP analysis, in which you will see all the shortcomings we found together with the possibilities of their elimination. Subsequently, after implementation of the solution, we will assess the new state and evaluate the final compliance.


Preparation of documentation

On the basis of our audit or based on consultations with you, we will evaluate what documents related to the personal data protection are necessary to draft. Subsequently, we will prepare an offer for the drafting of tailor-made documentation and an offer for providing sample documentation. After agreeing on the scope of the work for you, we will prepare all documents as soon as possible so as you could comply with all your legal obligations.


Periodic GDPR compliance assessment

The protection of personal data and the monitoring of the risks associated with them cannot be resolved by one-time check. Therefore, we will carry out an assessment of the fulfilment of essential requirements in accordance with legal regulations at a pre-arranged interval. The content of this service is very similar to audit, but this assessment is done to a lesser extent, focusing on pre-agreed areas. However, we always carry out the control of essential obligations.


Training and e-learning

According to GDPR, one of the organizational measures of personal data protection is also the training of employees. In case of your interest and on the basis of your inquiry, we can design an employee training that fits your needs as much as possible. This way, we can prepare a training for all employees, or even for executive officers so that they can subsequently train their subordinates. In case you wanted to give your employees a chance to choose the frequency of training, we will be happy to provide you with access to our e-learning platform, either in its general form, or tailored to your specific needs. After completion of the training or e-learning you will receive a certificate of completion.


Legislative watch

If you order this service, you will get a monthly newsletter of information about data protection. Do you dislike reading long annual reports, confusing judgments, complex instructions for processing of personal data or reports in foreign language? The legislative watch will do all of this for you in only a few pages of comprehensive text. Thus, you can devote to your business and nothing important will escape your attention.


Provision of DPO services

In case you became obliged to appoint the Data Protection Officer or you appoint the Data Protection Officer yourself, we will be happy to ensure the Data Protection Officer for you. First of all, we will meet with you personally and assess, what are your needs, for which reason do you need to appoint the DPO and to which extend do you expect to involve the DPO into your processes. Then, we will prepare a tailor-made offer to provide our services for you with precise definition of the duties of the DPO and a flat price for these services. The DPO provided by us will then be at your disposal whenever you need his/her services.

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