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Why use our services in the area of civil law?

We provide a wide range of legal services in the area of civil law. Almost everyone can get into a situation in which a legal advice is necessary. We will assist you in cases in which you conclude a sale and purchase agreement and then you realise that the item you purchased has defects, or when you have disputes with your neighbour and it is not possible to resolve the dispute amicably. If you are getting married, we will help you with matrimonial regime. If you are getting divorced, we can help you not only with the division of property but also with future child arrangements. We also deal with inheritance and will dispute cases. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive services in case your property has incurred damage or in case you suffer an injury (even in situations where your medical condition is caused by an incorrect medical procedure). We can be your guides and help you deal with every problem you might face.
What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Defective products

We will help you enforce your rights arising from the responsibility of the seller for defects on goods.

Neighbour disputes

If you have a dispute with a neighbour, we will advise you on what legal steps to take to resolve the problem.

Marital property law

Whether you want to marry or divorce, we can advise you on how to arrange the property regime or how to divide the property.

Childcare and maintenance

We will help with childcare adjustment and with determination of maintenance and its enforcement, especially with your minor children.

Inheritance law

We will represent you in inheritance proceedings and we will assist you in drafting your will or other legal documents regarding inheritance.


In the event that damage to the property was caused, we will advise you on what claims to make.

Compensation for the non-material loss

If a third party may be held liable for your injuries, we can help you with claiming full compensation.

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