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We represent our clients in both court and out of court disputes and we help them find a suitable, quick and effective solution to their problems.

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Why use our services in the area of litigation?

We can settle disputes effectively. If you seek our help, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your situation and propose you the most appropriate approach to reaching your goals. Your interest will be always our priority, but we will also be able to tell you when to withdraw from your requirements so that the potential agreement is still advantageous, but with minimal costs. We will represent you professionally and we will protect your rights during both out of court negotiations with the counterparty and during negotiations at court or with other public authorities. With us, your legitimate interest will be safe. That is why you should contact us.

What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Analysis of the dispute and creation of strategy

We will analyse your case on a joint meeting and propose the best approach to reach your desired result.

Negotiations with counterparty

We will commence the negotiations with the counterparty on your behalf, introduce your requirements and aim for their fulfilment.

Representation at court and other public authorities

We will represent you during negotiations with competent authorities during any phase of court our other proceedings.

Out-of-court dispute settlement

We will propose a possibility of out of court settlement of your dispute, e.g. in the form of mediation, or we will arrange an appropriate settlement agreement with the counterparty.

Representation in arbitration proceedings

In case you decided to refer your dispute to an arbitrator in the arbitration proceedings, we will represent you during the entire course of this dispute resolution method, which despite its effectiveness has strict procedural boundaries.

Representation at OPDP

As a part of combination of our specializations, we will represent you during an inspection conducted by The Office for Personal Data Protection.

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How it works

1 Analysis of dispute and creation of strategy
2 Negotiations with counterparty
3 Representation at court and other public authorities
4 Out-of-court dispute settlement
5 Representation at OPDP

Analysis of dispute and creation of strategy

After you contact us with your problem, we will request from you all documents relevant to the case, we will assess these documents and invite you for a personal meeting. On this meeting, we will discuss everything together and find an approach, that will both meet your requirements and be efficient in achieving the desired solution. Our primary interest is your success and satisfaction.


Negotiations with counterparty

If we take over your case and determine the next steps, we will establish negotiations with the counterparty and submit our proposed solutions. We will always conduct such negotiations with the aim of achieving appropriate solutions. The negotiations will be conducted either personally or remotely, but always professionally and without undue delay. We will fight for your interests while using the appropriate strategies.


Representation at court and other public authorities

In case your dispute reaches court proceedings, or you seek our help in the phase of judicial or other proceedings, we will create an appropriate procedural strategy for you and represent you during all the phases of proceeding. We will file your actions or written statements and react to statements of the counterparty so that we achieve positive result of the proceeding.


Out-of-court dispute settlement

One of our principles is to seek approaches that are effective and benefiting to our client. Regarding this, we can tell you when it is appropriate to enter into a potentially risky and long trial and when to use other options like out of court settlement. We have experience with mediation and arbitration proceedings, alternatively we can take all steps to conduct a settlement agreement with the counterparty.


Representation at OPDP

One of the specializations of our attorney office is the protection of personal data and the compliance of our client’s actions with legislation. That is why we are an ideal partner for those against whom the Office for Personal Data Protection has commenced administrative proceedings concerning the breach of GDPR or other law regulations concerning data protection. We will guide you through this proceeding and minimize the potential consequences that might occur.

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