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Intellectual Property Law

Together with our customers we prepare strategies and documentation that protects their brand, service and product. All of this on professional level on all key world markets.

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Why should you protect your intellectual property with us?

Intellectual property is your brand, know-how and results of creative activity of your company. Thanks to the protection of intellectual property, our clients can effectively use the competitive advantages brought by their brand and products. SEDLAKOVAL LEGAL primarily focuses on protection of software products of software development companies, but we are also experienced in providing legal aid to artists and publishers.

What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Protection of know-how

Preparation of strategy and contractual documentation securing protection of know-how and business secret, particularly non-disclosure agreements, competition clauses and agreements with contractors and employees.

Development of software

Employer’s contractual documentation and agreements with software developers and other team members providing customers maximum rights to results.


Assistance in choosing the right trademark after taking into account the trademarks and domain names that have already been registered. Registration of domain names within all world markets, competitive trademark watching and subsequent assistance in brand protection.

Transfers of intellectual property rights

Preparation of strategy for protection of industrial property, registration of patents, utility and industrial designs and subsequent assistance in protection of industrial property.

Copyright, rights of artists, recording and film studios and publishers

Complex legal assistance and preparation of contractual documentation with artists, studios and publishers.

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