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You don't have to fear the criminal proceedings with us

We will represent you in criminal proceedings, whether you are on the side of the accused party or the injured party. We use our experience in criminal cases to fight for our clients' rights.

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Why use our services in the area of criminal law?

We have rich experience in criminal proceedings in all its phases. Prosecution is a stressful process for a client and any mistake by the lawyer means not only losing the case, but also a risk of unfair conviction. We will professionally represent you at all stages of the proceedings, from giving explanation to the police authority to the possible appeal proceedings before the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic. In the event that you are an injured party, we will do our utmost to fully compensate the damage and injury caused to you by the criminal.
What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Analysis of your case

In the first stage, we analyse your case with you, we will examine the evidence and outline the likely course of the criminal proceedings.

Legal assistance in providing explanation during questioning by police

Not all questioning by law enforcement authorities ends with the prosecution. We will provide you with the necessary information on how the explanation or interrogation works, and we will be there with you.

Defense during the trial

If your case gets to the court, a good and factual defense is the basis for your success. During the trial we will ensure that all the procedural principles of criminal proceedings are adhered to and we will defend your rights.

Negotiations with the public prosecutor on the possibility of so-called diversions.

If you have committed a crime and you decide, for example, to redress the damage, we will help you negotiate the appropriate terms of the agreement with the public prosecutor, which usually results in milder punishment.

Mitigating the consequences of punishment

In the case of your conviction, we will do everything possible to minimize the negative consequences of the sentence. We will prepare, for example, a request for remission of a sentence or a request for interruption of the sentence.

Representing the injured party

In the event that a crime has caused you personal injury or property damage, we will do our utmost to ensure compensation to the maximum extent possible during the proceedings.

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