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Corporate Law and M&A

From cross-border acquisitions, through divisions, to the simple establishment of a company, we are always here for you and we can advise you on how to go through the process smoothly, safely and efficiently.

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Why use our services in the area of corporate law and M&A?

Within the M&A, SEDLAKOVA LEGAL has been working on several important acquisitions projects as well as the division of companies in the Czech Republic since its foundation. We are able to guide our clients through secure, fast and efficient transactions to meet their business goals. At the same time, we help our regular clients meet their corporate obligations.
What can we help you with?

Our legal services include

Založení společnosti

Legal assistance in the selection of the appropriate form of business, representation in obtaining all the permissions, negotiations with banks and the establishment of a company.

Mergers and acquisitions

Preparation of the complete transaction schedule, legal and tax due diligence review, drafting of articles of association and share transfer agreement, legal assistance with and execution of the entire transaction.

Corporate governance

Design and preparation of corporate governance structure and rules of management.

Holding structures and tax consultancy

Legal and tax consultancy in the field of risk diversification and tax optimization through the creation of a foreign holding structure.

Liquidation of company

Comprehensive legal and tax consultancy and controlled liquidation of companies.

Securities and capital markets law

Legal assistance with entering the capital markets, financing companies through private bonds.

Compliance with statutory duties

Organization of general meetings, drafting annual reports, reports on relations among related entities, legal assistance with filing documents into the collection of instruments.

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