Interview with Almar Orn Hilmarsson from Alfréd Jobs

We have recently begun with mini-series of interviews with our clients, so we can learn more about their successful enterprises, future plans, motivation and their cooperation with SEDLAKOVA LEGAL. Their stories are full of excitement, unexpected twists and victories, as well as our own. We would like to share the inspirational ideas and principles of our clients with you.

Today we would like to present you an interview with Almar Orn Hilmarsson, shareholder in a company Alfred, which operates Iceland’s largest job search portal and has recently expanded on the Czech market as Alfréd Jobs s.r.o.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: Could you please introduce Alfred to our readers – where does your company come from and what is its main business activity?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: We are a company that connects companies that are seeking people to work for them and people that are interested in new jobs, career change etc. We started in Iceland 6 years ago but we only just started in CZ and SK just over a month ago.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: How were the beginnings of Alfred?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: We felt that there was a gap in the market, advertising was expensive and ineffective, people are spending too much time browsing jobs and we wanted to make this easier, cheaper and more effective for everyone involved.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What is your current position and role in the company?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: Right now I do a little bit of everything, I change lightbulbs but I also meet potential clients, hire staff and such, we are a small and flat organisation.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: Alfred has recently decided to expand on the market in the Czech Republic and established Alfréd Jobs s.r.o. Why specifically did you choose this little country?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: We had been operating a small programmers´ office here, guys and girls that worked on other projects that were connected to Iceland. We felt after getting to know the market that it would be an interesting place to start our expansion out of Iceland, not too big, not too small and a very technology driven culture.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: There are many job searching platforms both on the international and Czech market. What makes Alfred different from other job searching platforms?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: We believe that we make the whole experience more pleasant for both sides as well as having a more transparent pricing and nicer user interface.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: Appart form using your webpage, users can look for jobs through the Alfréd app. Can you tell us more about this?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: Yes, the app is the main benefit, you can set up your job watch (hlídací pes) and tell Alfréd what you want, once that is done you can sit back and relax, the jobs will come to your job watch and you can save yourself the time and effort of browsing multiple different platforms. Also you have more privacy, the app is in your pocket and nobody knows you are using it until you apply for a job. And of course you do not need to be looking for work on a large screen where people can see what you are doing. So it´s perfect for the so called passive job seeker, the person who might be interested in a career move but is not actively seeking it. That person can put up a profile and a job watch and see if there is something interesting that comes.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What else makes your job searching application Alfréd better than others?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: It´s easier to use, its personalised and saves you time and effort

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: Often, successful people have different views on what is most important in managing a successful company. What do you think is key to your success?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: It is the attitude of our employees – they are very engaged in our company and want it to be successful just as much as us in the managment do.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What motivates you the most in your work?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: To see progress, to see a measureable success and improvements of how things work. And to see that your service helps people and makes them happy.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: What are you currently working on? And can you tell us what are your plans for the future?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: Currently our focus is very much on the CZ and SK markets, however we are already getting interest from other countries as well, which we are looking at, we might start one or two new markets in the next 6-12 months.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: When did you first meet with SEDLAKOVA LEGAL?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: It was in my previous role as CEO of Creditinfo International GmbH, We had some smaller tasks that we needed help with but soon the cooperation grew more and more and I think Creditinfo is still a client of SEDLAKOVA LEGAL. Then I recommended the owners of Alfred to work with Jana Sedlakova about 4 years ago.

SEDLAKOVA LEGAL: How would you evaluate the cooperation with SEDLAKOVA LEGAL? What do you value about our cooperation?

ALMAR ORN HILMARSSON: Honesty, flexibility and creativity I would say. The people I have worked with at SEDLAKOVA LEGAL all have shown great desire to do good job and you really feel that they are on your side.

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