Law is our business. Let us help you protect yours.

We offer simple and safe solutions, custom-made to fit your needs We are aware that the needs of our clients change as fast as the world around us. Changes that move us forward also result in the disintegration of legal solutions that used to work. We will help you find a way to discover new, better solutions and not only to anticipate change, but also to be able to use it to your own advantage.

We offer simple and safe solutions, custom-made to fit your needs

Real Estate

Since the start of our office, we have participated in real estate transactions worth more than 2.5 billion Czech Crowns. We would like to share our experience and knowledge with you, to make your transactions smooth and safe.

  • Complex Legal Services for Real Estate Companies
  • Purchase/Sale/Giving of Real Estate
  • Revision of Contractual Documentation
  • Rent
  • Construction
  • Lien/Mortgages
  • Easements
  • Ownership Dispute
  • Proceeding in the Cadastre of Real Estates

Data Protection

We provide comprehensive data protection services, in particular related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and e-Privacy regulation - from consultation through the preparation of the necessary documentation to a complete audit of compliance with GDPR. If you are interested in training in this field, we offer you the opportunity to use our e-learning. Last but not least, we also provide the services of the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

  • GDPR audits and consultations
  • Preparation of GDPR documentation
  • GDPR e-learning
  • DPO services
  • e-Privacy preparation
  • Lectures in the area of data protection

Civil Law

Even the most common actions in our lives have legal consequences, from entering into marriage, settling inheritance to buying a car. If you are not sure how to proceed or if you want to be sure your rights will be protected, let us know. We are here to help.

  • Rights from Malperformance of Goods (Claims)
  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Contract for Work
  • Revision of Contractual Documentation
  • Customized Terms and Conditions
  • Representation in Insurance Contract Disputes
  • Inheritance
  • Family Law
  • Legal Services for Flat Owners Associations

Corporate Law and M&A

The life cycle of every company goes through many key milestones. We are here for you not only at the moment of incorporation but also at the definition of company structure and regarding compliance.

  • Corporate Law
  • Contractual Law
  • M&A
  • Due Diligence
  • Start-up
  • Compliance

Intellectual Property

Your know-how, industrial and intellectual property rights are one of the most valuable assets of your business. You have created them. We will help you to protect them.

  • Know-how protection
  • Copyright, protection of performances, recordings of music or film studios, protection of publishers
  • Employee work
  • Trademarks (registration, watching, oppositions, infringements)
  • Patents, utility models, designs
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Transfers of intellectual property licences, transfers of web


We will help you orient yourself in the complex world of claims, enforcement and insolvency proceedings.

  • Recovery of Claims Services
  • Claims Management
  • Representation in the Proceedings (Judicial, Enforcement, Insolvency)
  • Communication with Deptors/Creditors

Software law

We will prepare quality contracts in relation to software development, distribution, support & maintenance or IT analysis.

  • Agreements on software development
  • Agreements on IT analysis and provision of other IT services
  • Software distribution agreements
  • Service level agreements (SLA)
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Domain names
  • Cyber security
  • E-commerce

Dispute resolution

In order to reduce your costs is our main concern to reach an acceptable outcome of the dispute amicably. In many cases, however, such a dispute without litigation is not possibility. Our office is ready to help you with it. We will create an appropriate process strategy for you and we will represent you in all court tor counterpart proceedings.

  • Dispute Analysis and Strategy Creation
  • Negotiations with Counterparty
  • Representation in Litigations and Disputes with Public Authority
  • Out-of-court Dispute Resolution
  • Representation before the Office for Personal Data Protection

Pharmaceutical Law

We are prepared to offer you comprehensive solution for your pharmaceutical business. Thanks to regular surveillance of legislation we are able to informe you about essential amendments that are relevant for you.

  • Complex Legal Services for Pharmacy
  • Surveillance of Legislation and Guidelines
  • Representation before the State Institute for Drug Control and Ethics Committee
  • Lectures in the area of Falsified Medicines Directive
  • Legal counselling in area of Regulation of Advertisement
  • Informed Consent
  • Legal counselling in area of Food Supplements and Functional Cosmetics