Who we are

An innovative law firm that is not afraid of anything.

We are not afraid to do things our way. The way we feel is right. We transform the conservative legal environment through our creativity and constant innovation.

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We are not afraid to help you

We know how difficult it is for you to do things differently than the others. We are not afraid to help you with that. Do you have an idea that no one has yet? We’ll find the best protection for it. Are you dealing with a complex case where there is no clear answer? We will help you create such an answer. We do not hide behind paragraphs; we eagerly accept every challenge and we believe that innovation and creativity combined with accuracy and knowledge is the best mix for ideal lawyers. The more you involve us in your plans, the more vigilantly can we watch your back.

Our values

Each of us is an original, but our corporate values are the glue that connects us and the goal that we think of every time we deliver our work. We aim high, we expect perfection, we want to be accessible and open. We approach every problem from all angles, creatively, and thanks to innovations we save your time and money.


We communicate easily with clients and across the team. So that we understand each other.


Our field is very dynamic and therefore we are constantly learning and developing. Every single day.


The success of the individual is the success of the whole company. The success of the whole company is the success of the individual.


We enjoy our work and think it is obvious. We follow through on every case we have.


Our team

Software Law
Personal Data Protection
Intellectual Property Law
Real Estate Law
Legal assistance for start-ups
Corporate Law and M&A
Pharmaceutical law
Civil Law
Labour Law
Criminal Law
Office Managers


Every organization is just as good as the people who work in it. Join us and change the world with us ☺ We look forward to it.


You will use English daily, both spoken and written. Join us for lessons with a native speaker.


Do you sometimes need to work from home? We are counting with homeoffice and if you are not well, then sick days.


Sitting in the office all day? Nothing good for our back. We do sports, even at work. Will you join the team?


We want you to be the best in your field. And we will do our utmost to achieve this.

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